eGAME, an e-sports game platform using smart contract technology based on blockchain technology, is seeking to cooperate with Jasmy and reached a consensus on cooperation recently.

With the help of the Jasmy digital library, eGame will be able to achieve more great visions on the original basis. Jasmy provides personal decentralized database functions for personal login and registration, so users can immediately start using the blockchain. Next, personal data will be able to be safely managed and stored on smartphones and blockchains, and their data can be voluntarily authorized and tracked.

With these functions, eGAME does not have to keep all kinds of data and personal information internally, and can be used in the required form at the appropriate time. The new data management will inevitably bring a new business model.

Jasmy provides an environment where ready-to-use IoT can be easily deployed. From supporting IoT strategies to security data analysis, we strive to protect your data from huge third-party platforms.

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